January 24, 2011

sweet treasures

i had a SUPER fun time making some drawings for the lovely ladies of Sweet Treasures Cupcakery. cupcakes and pirates, what's not to love?!

January 23, 2011


happy pie day! i hope it's burned into your brain after the pie-juggling bears of my 2010 calendar. i've just put the first pie of the day in the oven and there are many more to come... cheers!

January 19, 2011

illustration friday - chicken

i'm sure these folks are easier to recognize than my illustration from last week... but if you haven't watched Arrested Development, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! if anyone wants to ring in with a vote for their favorite Bluth chicken impersonation, i think it would be a hearty debate. talk amongst yourselves.

January 13, 2011

illustration friday - déjà vu

i'm getting back on board with illustration friday to keep my brain cogs turning with some Betty Turbo interpretations of each week's topic. here's my contribution for "déjà vu." can you tell who it's supposed to be? (hint: the answer is NOT "every guy in Portland.") i'll send you a prize if you're the first to guess correctly...

update: well. nobody guessed. in all fairness, they look more like generic plaid shirt models (or every guy in Portland) than... the Blecha brothers. you know, the adorable carpenters from the Cupcake Wars? they come from a handsome carpenter factory in L.A., i think. you have to buy two at a time.