April 17, 2011

cross the streams!

YOU ARE INVITED to publicly witness what critics are already calling "The Most Legendary Partnership The World Has Ever Seen" when superstars Betty Turbo of The New Adventures of Betty Turbo and Hairy McSpecies of Mixed Species join forces to construct a booth of ultimate awesomeness at the CRAFTY WONDERLAND SUPER COLOSSAL SPRING SALE. this radness will be dumped on you from 11am to 6pm on Saturday, the 7th of May at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon. shake their hands, get their autographs, purchase amazingly amazing goods from their respective Etsy shops of origin, and you just might catch a glimpse of their never-before-seen Super Ultra Badass Collaborative Projects. if you're peeing your pants in anticipation you can see some art by Betty Turbo and Hairy McSpecies up at Cloud 9 in Corvallis through the end of April.

April 15, 2011

everyone makes cream puffs in my mind

i recently watched Kings of Pastry, and they are REALLY touchy about that collar, if you wear one in France without actually achieving M.O.F. it is totally a crime! hope this drawing doesn't send anyone after me with a barbed wire baguette. i've got it up in my Etsy shop now and i'm halfway through laughing my ass off at Mick Foley's latest book. love that dude.

April 11, 2011

back in the ring!

i've had many requests for wrestlers to continue my series, but hadn't devoted many hours to it until this weekend, when i had to take lots of allergy medicine and went on a drawing rampage. the results = these two monstrosities! now available in my Etsy shop, which is getting pleasantly plump with the bulge of wrestling artwork. might have to reorganize a whole new "section" just for wrestlers!

April 9, 2011

you melt my face!

it's getting to be springtime! get ready for lots more art about popsicles and ice cream. tasty frozen treats, with and without faces. the only things i like drawing as much as wrestlers.

April 3, 2011

more wrasslin radness

when you gotta tell your bro how much you appreciate him, this card will help you say it in a manly way.