June 29, 2011

she's just big boned.

i've had several people ask if i'd print my kitchen calavera greeting cards as larger art prints, but i didn't feel that those little drawings merited enlarging, so... i made more! here are some large and in charge art prints of new skeletons in the kitchen. there are actually three of them but Blogger doesn't want to cooperate with the third one. i'm sure this collection will continue to expand. what activities would YOU like to see skeletons doing? thanks to everyone who's given great suggestions so far!

speaking of suggestions and collecting your feedback, i wanted to let you know i've also made Betty Turbo her own facebook page. please "like" if you want to engage in more idea-generating chit chat and participate in some secret deals and projects! click here to join the party!

June 17, 2011

June 16, 2011

June 9, 2011

Macho Man tribute. part two.

up there, all the ice cream trucks still sell Superstars Ice Cream Bars...

(click here for Part One of my tribute if you missed it)

couple of lovebirds

i drew this as a gift for some friends of mine who are getting married. i love giving personal, handmade presents. sorry, wedding registry business. i also really love drawing portraits but underestimated how tricky it was to produce them stealthily as a surprise, using only their facebook photos as reference images! worth it in the end, though. best wishes bb and skim!

June 8, 2011

of all the dads in the world...

if my dad ever asks where i got my smartass sense of humor i say... I LEARNED IT FROM WATCHING YOU!! i have several father's day additions to my Etsy shop, check em out!

June 3, 2011

they go together like...

cereal and milk! did this for a wedding invite for some friends, who sent me a GOLDMINE of vintage paper ephemera for inspiration. i love goofy fun people. hit me up if you want to see YOUR face on a cereal box!