July 24, 2011

hot dog time!

i learned the appropriate accoutrements for a Chicago style hot dog when i had to make a cake in the likeness of one and got VERY very specific instructions. truth be told... i'm more of a sauerkraut on my tofu dog kind of girl, but it IS tomato season. how do you take your hot dog? any requirements so specific you'd need some laboriously hand-lettered typography detailing them?

July 18, 2011

SugarSlam showdown!!

perhaps you've noticed that little icon on my sidebar over yonder, with my tiny drawing of Rowdy Roddy Piper? if you're not hip to the SugarSlam yet, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! the great news is, if you're looking for more like-minded admirers of baking AND wrestling, you have just hit the motherlode. the submission deadline for this year's contest has come and gone, but you still have till the end of this week to head over to flickr and check out the amazing entries, and comment on your favorites! the People's Choice winner gets a heap of rad prizes in addition to the champion chosen by the celebrity judges. wrestling art from my Etsy shop is part of BOTH prize packages!

this amazingness has been organized by Bake & Destroy. just another fun chapter in the story of rad people i've met through the internet!

show some Facebook love (okay, just "like") for Bake & Destroy, SugarSlam2011, and Betty Turbo and you'll have the scoop on all the funnest fun times ever.

July 14, 2011

endlessly quotable

i have about 87 zillion ideas of things to draw from Twin Peaks. no shortage of food-related inspiration. here's my latest typography "sampler." i've never actually experienced this taste sensation, as i don't eat ham, but i hope all you ham fans adore it.