March 20, 2014

They Draw and Cook

Are y'all already familiar with They Draw & Cook??  I've been lurking & admiring over the past year, and recommended it in all my lettering workshops, but I just now got around to finally submitting something.  The site is run by a brother & sister design team, and it's all illustrated recipes! Lettering. Food. Designers & illustrators from all over the world. And food. It's super awesome! Food. You can search through the collection by different design criteria or by ingredients.  Go get lost in it!

This drawing I did for a challenge they have going to illustrate one ingredient in three recipes.  I can't wait to do more!  Oh, and they have ANOTHER site called They Draw & Travel which is illustrated maps!  I'm so excited.  I've been on a major food & travel kick in various activities lately so I am ready to draw a giant pile of maps and recipes.

P.S. I'm eating pancakes with funfetti sprinkles in them right now. Don't judge me. It was a hard morning.