May 18, 2014

Dada Y Papa

Hey party people!  Here are some fresh jams for your daddios!  I've got to sneak away from my studio for a bit on a secret mission, but I'll resume normal production & shipping by June 2nd!  Plenty of time to get awesome Father's Day cards out to you!  In appreciation of your patience, you can use coupon code SECRETSHHH to enjoy 20% off purchases in my shop while I'm away.  All orders placed during this time will also have bonus goodies added to them!  I'm enjoying spring time and listening to the new Chromeo album. What's got you boogying lately?? xoxo, Betty Turbo

May 2, 2014

Miss Joy + Betty Turbo Dream of Salt 'n' Pepa

Beautiful babes beveraging up at Portland Comic Con

Howdy friends! Our final expert witness is none other than the badass broad who makes your bows, Miss Joy of Lucky Cupcake!  Joy is ANOTHER wonderful human I was connected to through Bake and Destroy, and boy am I glad we know each other!  We met in person for the first time when we went to see a taping of WWE Raw in Portland.  We have since had adventures doing comic cons together as well as sampling the finer taco and donut offerings of the greater Portland area.  She is one of the sweetest human beings you will ever encounter, and we have much collaborative awesomeness yet to unleash on you all, so get ready.

Joy's pick, and the final addition to my studio sale which wraps up today is... S'Morrissey!  So pick one up for $12 if you don't have it already!  And if you're waiting on the pillows, rest assured I'll make a new batch in a few weeks after I get my studio resituated.  Thank you everyone for following along with my sale and Imaginary Coworkers Appreciation Week!  I'll be relocating my studio and broadcasting new awesomeness from the new digs in a few days.  Please visit Lucky Cupcake and check out Joy's goodies!

Betty Turbo

May 1, 2014

Cookoorikoo Hearts Conchords

I first heard of Shana and her inspiring slogan "Be fancy every day" through Bake and Destroy.  When I discovered she and her shop Cookoorikoo were based in Oregon, we got to high five in real life!  We have the benefit of consulting each other regularly on all matters Buffy and Veronica Mars related, as well as participating in the same real life craft events like Portland's awesome Crafty Wonderland shows. Shana has picked out this Conchords and Cupcakes print for today's sizzling sale!

Her reasoning for this selection was "Because Jemaine Clement is my boyfriend! Duh!"  So if you like watching tv as much as we do, you should follow us on twitter (@agnesbartonsabo and @cookoorikoo) and we can all chat about these great shows and be imaginary coworkers with imaginary hairy Kiwi boyfriends!  And don't forget to check out Cookoorikoo's shop, which is currently chock full of great embroidered quotes!  

One more bonus sale item and the final day of my studio sale is tomorrow!  Thanks for following along!