May 14, 2015

Flower Power

Cheese and crackers, y'all!  Seems like I'm feelin a new flavor of crazy busy every day around here! Things have been happening so nonstop I forgot to get out of the car and do a little dance when I passed some fun milestones like 5000th Etsy Sale and Month Of Most Individual Orders Ever. Woohoo!  (*Throws confetti*)  Thanks everyone!!

Here are a few new card designs I realized I hadn't shared yet. I've been on a major vintage floral kick in my thrifting adventures and the flower power is clearly bleeding over into my drawings.  I debuted these cards at the Spring Garden Festival here along with some limited edition flowery nail decals since I'm such a delicate flower and shit. I don't anticipate having time to put in a legit garden at my house this year, so consider these my botanical contributions!

Have An Awesome Day! / Oh My Gosh! / You're Fantastic!