August 19, 2015

Astoria Adventures

Camp Corndog's latest expedition to Astoria was a delightful adventure full of tasty treats, but did anyone really expect any less??  Of the notable ice cream flavors concocted by the wizards of Frite and Scoop, my wowiest wow moment was the Moroccan Brown Butter with a raspberry swirl and delicious Ras El Hanout spices.  

I ventured up early with Chris of Corvidopolis and his wife Philadelphia, poncho queen of the Pacific Northwest, in their newly acquired pop-up camper van.  I would have buckled the stack of posters into their own safety belt, but they were too sassy and oversized to be contained in any mere box, so I just had to be very, very careful.  Previously in these poor posters' history, we had come home to find the power washing of our (100 year old and definitely not air/watertight) house had soaked a stack of posters for this show in muddy water.  I tearily said goodbye to an unredeemable percentage of them and spent a few hours ironing the rest back out with a heat press.  So you can imagine my anxiety when the humid coastal air started to induce ripply wrinkles!  We contemplated the best ways to MacGyver the shit out of supplies we could acquire at Safeway, attempting to wrap them in garbage bags with an open bag of rice, before being rescued by Lisa from Frite and Scoop and tucking them safely away inside overnight.

After waking up to the squawking of seagulls, we enjoyed some delicious parking spot breakfast tacos in the camper van! We surveyed many of Astoria's fine junk shops and vintage clothing shops, and after a festive night of Art Walk socializing, we played some fierce skee ball and air hockey in the local arcade.

Glad we made an stop to do a funny dance in front of the Goonies house on our previous visit in May, as I've just heard the thousands of visitors have finally driven the owners to refuse all photo ops and curious wanderers by covering their house up in blue tarps.  Since young Taco Tornado can cross this stop off his Cool Childhood Checklist we moved on to spending more time with the ridiculously comical sea lions and checking out the barnacled remains of the shipwreck in Warrenton.

The gears in our brains are already creaking along to come up with the next fun reason to take a trip to Astoria!  Our posters will be up at Frite and Scoop for the rest of this month and you can also purchase them online if you can't visit in person!  (Visit my Etsy shop, Corvidopolis's Etsy shop, or contact Mr. Hairy McSpecies!)  Though if you are remotely maybe close enough to check it out, I promise you that you NEED these frites and ice creams in your life.

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